Ndis care access

How Care Access works for you

Once you are connected with Care Access, our platform will make the NDIS claims process smooth-sailing.

As a provider or practice – you’ll have plans created autonomously, errors or omissions in your claims detected and fixed, and all this easy-to-use functionality wrapped up in one intuitive interface. It’s finally as simple as it should be.

You can look forward to fast-tracked claim approvals and payment times, and less resource-draining rejections.

If you’re a provider that has existing infrastructure and applications, but can’t integrate directly without significant cost – Care Access is perfect for you. It’s about connecting you directly, seamlessly and cost-efficiently to the NDIA.

As for smaller providers processing less than 500 claims a month? You’ll find our intuitive entry-level web interface a handy efficiency tool.

Our system’s core features:

  • Access real-time payment requests
  • Claims get lodged autonomously (*dependent on level of service)
  • Payment requests assessed, approved and rejected autonomously
  • Useful alerts and notifications for payment request errors
  • Rectification of rejected claims
  • Audit trails and reporting (*dependent on level of service)
  • Local processing and data storage
  • 24/7 monitoring and notification of transactions.

An industry wide problem

It’s estimated that disability providers are owed over $300 million in unpaid claims from the NDIA. This number is increasing, mounting financial pressure on disability care providers, and worst of all – starting to impact the provision of much-needed services to participants.

Yes, claims eventually get paid, but timeliness is a real issue for providers – having to deliver a consistent service, despite inconsistent cash flow. For large not-for-profit providers, it’s a bigger problem, with large numbers of participants and smaller financial reserves to draw upon.

The NDIA are slowly employing resources to address the problems – but the payment claim and approval process remains complex.

Put simply, there’s a clear and categoric need for providers to efficiently connect to NDIS IT systems – enabling quicker claims processing without errors. The industry needs fast-tracked payments, and as a result less strain on the providers and participants.


Our tailored solution

Care Access is a much-needed solution to an industry-wide problem – delivering seamless NDIS integration as a managed service. Our platform autonomously identifies and rectifies claim errors or omissions, resulting in fast-tracked claim approvals and payment times.

This provides a far more seamless service than the current reality for most – having to build to match the current NDIA interface. This setup allows you to link to the NDIS system, but without smart operating functions like auditability, error handling or retries.

In addition, providers will lose the stress and cost of having to ‘keep up’ with NDIS system changes. Our system is maintained and updated continually, ensuring you’ll stay connected.

We can both roll out Care Access as a standard reusable integration or purpose build to leverage a provider’s existing management system.

Large and medium providers will enjoy an easy-to-use service hub – delivering a two-way sync from your own core case management systems to the NDIS. And for smaller providers, we offer a low-cost and intuitive web-interface – allowing simple payment processing all in one place.

As for privacy, our Australian hosted servers ensure information is all kept securely on shore.

It’s an efficient, effective stress-free solution for claims management – and an end to costly problems and admin headaches.


A comprehensive service hub with end-to-end processing capability.

End to end process
  • Ideal for medium and large providers
  • Fully integrated to your existing system *
  • Batch process from your existing system
  • Optional portal for remote processing
  • Unlimited claims per case
  • Real time alerts and error detection
  • Monthly reporting
  • Audit database


An intuitive, easy-to-use web interface.

Easy to use interface
  • Ideal for practitioners
  • Simple user interface via our platform
  • Access via the app or any web device
  • Unlimited claims per case
  • Real time alerts and error detection
  • Monthly reporting

* Dependant on the level of service provided, refer to pricing page for details

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