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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CareAccess?

    The Care Access solution was developed to connect providers and practitioners to the NDIA APIs in a quick, and efficient manner using a simple process based on a fair and ethical pricing model. Our goal is to enable the digital transition for all levels of providers to automate the process and reduce administrative burden.

  • What are the benefits of using Care Access?

    The benefits of using Care Access include cost savings by reducing administration overhead and processing errors, Improved service delivery which allows providers to concentrate on service delivery rather than dealing with administrative tasks, Return on Investment that speeds up the claim as well as payment process, and simple implementation that doesn’t require coding or changes to your solution when the NDIS APIs are used.

  • How does Care Access work?

    Care Access has multiple options to connect providers and practitioners to the newly released NDIA API suite. These APIs can be fully integrated into the providers existing client management platform, CRM, or plan management solution allowing them to bypass manual processing through the NDIA portal.

    View NDIA API’s here

  • What is the NDIS APIs ?

    API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. This is a concept in software technology that essentially refers to how multiple applications can interact with and obtain data from one another

  • How does Care Access work?

    You’re an NDIS service provider who wants to be more efficient and speed up your dealings with the NDIA and get paid faster. However, you don’t have the technical resources, budget or know how to connect to the new NDIA APIs. That’s where Care Access comes into the equation, we have the technical know-how and proven platform solution already in production that can solve the issue for you.

  • How do I join CareAccess?

    There is a simple onboarding process that allows the provider or practitioner to connect to the NDIA APIs. Our Sales team and technology experts will then advise you on the best method of connection that will suit your business

  • How long does it take to get my CareAccess platform?

    Dependant on the type of solutions you have and how many APIs you want to connect to will determines the time it takes to configure the connection.

  • Are there any extra fees charged by CareAccess?

    Care Access only has three fees that are dependent on the level of service required. They are; Configuration fee to integrate your solution with the Care Access platform (also applies when adding new services), Platform Access fee charged annually and Per Case Fee ( A case is defined as an individual participant number) charged per month.

  • Will I need a new Practice Management Software to use the care access platform ?

    No, Care Access will integrate with your existing solution

  • Do I need to change my Bank account and payment procedures?

    No, Care Access does not intervene with the payment relationship between the provider and the participant or the provider and the NDIS.

  • Is my Data safe ?

    Yes, Care Access uses only Australian hosted services, and our platform conforms to ISO27001 and IS27017

  • Can I still use Bulk Uploads ?

    Yes, Care Access will give you a template to allow you to bulk upload payment requests automatically. CareAccess will also verify the file using our platform to ensure no errors or omissions are present that could delay the payment request.

  • Can the Payment Request be automated in real-time ?

    Yes, Care Access can automatically create plans, identify and rectify claim errors or omissions for providers and practitioners when lodging payment requests.

  • What if the participant makes an error and tells you they are agency managed but they are actually self-managed and don’t have the funds available or there is a discrepancy in the information the NDIA has versus what you have entered?

    All of these issues and many more can result in your service booking rejection and could leave you in the position where you have provided service but can’t quickly get paid for it impacting revenue.If you used Care Access to integrate your client management, plan management, or CRM solution to the NDIA API you can eliminate these issues and headaches. The Care Access platform will connect to the API and check the information before you complete processing. You will know upfront if the participant information is correct, if they are an agency, partly or self-managed, and if they have the funds available for the service you are booking. Saving your time (the total processing time is reduced to about 5 minutes per booking), reducing exception management from rejections, and knowing you will get paid after you deliver services.

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